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We found 33 party rental items in this category
  • $3.75 /day


    Change apron

  • $0.75 /day

    Bud vase

    bud vases white or glass

  • $0.09 /day

    Coats hangers

    coat hanger ( Coat Rack not included)

  • $0.10 /day

    Black felt coat hanger

    Black felt coat hangers

  • $44.00 /day

    Large Party Tree Desert Stand

    Looking to spruce up your desert table? We have the solution. Try our Large Party tree desert stand. This unit has six branches each holding a 10 inch round plate stemming from a sturdy 20 inc. round base with a 8 inch top plate. Handcrafted leaves and wood like branches add a dramatic touch sure to dazzle. The unit is 28in. tall and weighs 28 lbs. and is perfect for buffets and could be used as an impressive wedding cake / cup cake display for garden events.

  • $125.00 /day

    Epsom EX5210 digital projector

    The EX5210 is based on 3LCD technology, which was developed by Epson and uses three LCD panels, which each process light of a different primary color. This projector has native XGA (1,024 by 768 pixel) native resolution, a 4:3 aspect ratio befitting a data projector. At a rated brightness 2,800 lumens, the EX5210 is bright enough to throw a reasonably bright image onto a large screen in a conference room, even with considerable ambient lighting. Comes with Remote control, Computer cable Mini D-Sub 15 pin, USB cable and HDMI Cable

  • $309.75 /day

    Dunk tanks

    Dunk tank must be delivered. Includes local delivery and pickup during our normal working hours ( monday to saturday, 8:30 - 4:30)excluding holidays

  • $15.75 /day

    Aluminum Easel

    Our light weight aluminum easel is 3 tier and great for various styles of events.

  • $27.56 /day

    Chrome easels

    deluxe chrome easel

  • $15.75 /day

    Wood easels

    wooden easel

  • $38.60 /day

    Versa mist fan

    The Versa Mist Fan is a self contained power mister. Features:Reduces Air Tempature by as much as 30 degrees. Cools a 200 Sq. Ft. Area for about 5 hours. Industrial Quality Misting Nozzles. Cool breaks can keep the crew working longer. Cools workers on job sites

  • $3.86 /day

    White picket fencing per ft.

    white picket fence per ft.

  • $19.43 /day

    Helium gauge & regulator

    helium gauge

  • $35.00 /day

    Megaphone loud hailer


  • $15.00 /day

    Mic. stand (stand only)

    mic. Stand only

  • $10.00 /day

    Microphone without stand

    microphone only for p.a.

  • $30.00 /day

    Wireless microphone

    Advanced Line 6 modeling technology enables XD-V30 to deliver a sound like the world’s most popular live-sound microphone; XD-V30 is a perfect match for any vocalist or vocal application FCC compliant; License free; Immune to the current FCC Consumer Alert regarding wireless microphones; System includes metal microphone transmitter, polycarbonate receiver chassis; protective carrying case; two AA batteries (8 hours of battery life) Exclusive digital technologies deliver wireless performance, signal reliability, simple set up, operation, and 2.4GHz broadcast successfully avoids interference caused by TV stations, public safety broadcasts, cell phone towers, and other high-powered sources;

  • $31.50 /day

    71in. x 71in. Digital projector Screen

    overhead projector screen only 71in. x 71in.

  • $110.00 /day

    Passport fender 300 pro P.A. system

    This 6-channel Fender Passport 300 PRO portable PA system takes its predecessor, the Passport PD-250, to the next level with 300W of power (up from 250), a sub-out jack for an external powered subwoofer, lighter weight (a full 12 pounds less than the PD-250), smaller overall dimensions, and phantom power. The redesigned speaker system features 2 plastic molded cabinets with an 8in. woofer and 1.2in. horn-loaded tweeter in each for better definition, and and a sub-out jack has been added for an external powered subwoofer Amp type: Class D, Woofer (per cab): 8in.; Driver: (per cab): 1.2in. horn-loaded; Inputs: 4 Mic/Line inputs, 2 stereo inputs; Output: 300W Class-D power amp; Line Out: 1/8in. mini stereo out; subwoofer out. Speaker cables are 16ft. long Channels: 6 (4 mic/line, 2 stereo), 4 mic lines with XLR and 1/4in. inputs, 2 stereo channels with 1/4in. and 1/8in. (for MP3 player) inputs Phantom power on mic input channels, 3-color LED indicators above each channel input, 1/4in. subwoofer out with 120Hz High-Pass Filter on Speaker Out, Preamp out and power amp inserts, CD-quality WAV and MP3 file playback; Controls: High EQ, Low EQ, Master Volume, System Tone, Level Control for each channel, Reverb Send for each channel, 20dB pad on input channels; Effects: Reverb; Covering: Molded Plastic Accessory compartment to hold included speaker and power cables, and more.

  • $30.00 /day

    P.A. System stand kit

    The P.A. SYSTEM Stand kit come with 2 speaker stands and 1 microphone stand.