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We found 4 party rental items in this category
  • $63.00 /day

    4ft. x 6ft. carpeted risers

    4ft x 6 ft riser for headtables 8inches high

  • $105.00 /day

    Biljax NEW 4ft. X 8ft. section (from 33in. high up to 5ft.)

    Stage 33in. high up to 5ft. high

  • $90.30 /day

    Biljax staging 4ft. x 8ft. sections

    4ft x 8 ft biljax stage, metal with black top with skirt (various heights) Max stage size is 20ft. X 32ft.

  • $210.00 /day

    ramp 0 to 20in. high complete carpet/skirt

    Stage ramp for wheelchair access 16ft. long and 20in. high. Includes skirting and red carpet