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We found 16 party rental items in this category
  • $8.25 /day

    Bar stools

    bar stool

  • $25.50 /day

    Harvest Bench

    Perfect for Wedding ceremonies, or even as an addition to our beautiful Harvest tables. These benches comfortably seat 4 people in a dinning environment or even 5 for a wedding ceremony. Give us a call on one of our wedding specialist would be more than happy assist you. Benches are 12.5" x 8'

  • $2.90 /day

    Bistro Chair

    white plastic bistro chair

  • $4.68 /day

    Black padded folding chairs

    These chairs are great weddings or any other high end events.

  • $7.35 /day

    Black chiavari chairs

    Black Chiavari Chairs. Also available in Gold and White. Comes with either Black or Ivory Seat Pads.

  • $7.35 /day

    Gold chiavari chairs

    Gold Coloured Chiavari Chairs. Also available in White and Black. Seat pads are available in Ivory

  • $7.35 /day

    Mahogany Chiavari Chair

    Mahogany Chiavari Chairs. Also available in Gold, Black and White. Comes with either Black or Ivory Seat Pads.

  • $7.35 /day

    White chiavari chairs

    White Chiavari chairs with either Black or Ivory seat Pads. Also available in Gold and Black

  • $4.15 /day

    Chrome padded chairs

    chrome chair no arms

  • $1.80 /day

    Folding chair

  • $7.88 /day

    Vinyard Rustic Chair

    Looking for that rustic wedding look? Our Vineyard Rustic Chair will help do the trick. Also available with an ivory chair pad (additional $0.40 per unit)RENTAL FOR CHAIR WITH A PAD $8.28 EA Must be delivered

  • $0.40 /day

    Vineyard Rustic PAD ONLY

    Pad for extra comfort for Vineyard Rustic Chairs. Chairs rent for $7.88 ea NOT INCLUDING PAD. CHAIR AND A CUSHION WOULD BE $8.28

  • $4.68 /day

    White padded folding chairs

    white padded folding chair

  • $4.10 /day

    Black chair cover with ties

    black chair cover with attached black ties (does not include bows)

  • $4.10 /day

    White chair covers with ties

    white chair covers with ties

  • $0.89 /day


    chair cover bows colours include brown, white, black, red, hot pink, gold, silver, mint green, champagne