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We found 14 party rentals.
  • $10.24 /day

    White patio table

    White round patio tables. Sized 40in. and

  • $35.28 /day

    White patio tables with 7ft. wide umbrella

    39in or 42in round plastic table with 7ft. umbrella

  • $10.45 /day

    4ft. tables

    4ft x 30in wooden or plastic table A 72in. X 54in. linen would be used for this table

  • $10.45 /day

    6ft. tables

    6ft x 30in wooden or plastic table

  • $10.45 /day

    8ft. tables

    8ft x 30in wooden or plastic table

  • $10.50 /day

    8ft. x18in. narrow 8ft. table

    8ft conference table

  • $65.00 /day

    Harvest table

    Looking for a rustic look? These harvest tables will do the trick. These 8ft. x 40in. x 30.5in. tables will comfortably seat 4 people on each 8ft. side with the option of adding one addtional person on each end.

  • $84.00 /day

    Wine Barrel Cabaret Table

    Need a rustic looking Bar / Cabaret Table? Our Wine Barrel Cabaret Tables will do the trick.

  • $10.45 /day

    30in. round tables

    30in round wooden table

  • $18.22 /day

    30in. x 42in. cabaret high pedistal table

    30in round by 42in high cabaret table A 120in. round linen will cover the table all the way to the ground Linen or spandex cover is available at an additional cost

  • $10.00 /day

    39in. round tables

    39in. round wooden or plastic table

  • $10.45 /day

    54in. round tables

    54in round wooden table. Seats 6 people

  • $10.45 /day

    60in. round tables

    60in round table A 120in. round linen will go all the way to the ground. A 90in. X 90in. linen could also be used

  • $19.95 /day

    72in. round tables

    72in. plastic or wooden round table 9 plastic - 10 wood