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We found 396 party rental items in this category
  • $85.00 /day

    5ft. charcoal grill BBQ

    This classic style of BBQ is great for backyard parties. Fill the BBQ with Charcoal, lite her up and your ready to go. Please make sure you remember to expty the charcoal afgter use as there is a $20 removal fee if our staff has to do it for you.

  • $175.00 /day

    5ft. charcoal Pig Spit 95 lb cap.

    Have a Pig to cook? Not a problem, With our classic style 5ft. charcoal pig spit, you will have a great time cooking any pig up to 95 lbs. Please remember to empty the charcoal after use to avoid the $20 charcoal removal fee. Pig roasting time approx. 10-13 hrs Damage deposit $200.00 on visa or master card $300.00 on debit or cash included with pig spit 2- forks c/w wing screw (1) on each 2- dog bone c/w wing screws (2) on each 1- spit 1- support bar 1- chain cover c/w wing nut (1 on motor stand) 1- motor end c/w chain for spit 1- spit point protector end 2- steel pins with chains 1- pan 4 legs with locking wheels

  • $210.00 /day

    6ft. BBQ with propane

    Designed with the backyard BBQ enthusiast in mind. Ideal for large family gatherings , large parties or large corporate functions. Comes with 2 - 20lbs propane tanks.

  • $185.00 /day

    6ft. BBQ without propane

    Designed with the backyard BBQ enthusiast in mind. Ideal for large family gatherings , large parties or large corporate functions. Does not include propane.

  • $0.90 /day

    Large BBQ Tongs

    Cooking on the BBQ? Missing or needing more tongs? Not to worry. Standard stainless steel tongues are are available for rent at a great low price.

  • $25.00 /day

    8 quart chafing dish

    chafing dish comes with 2 sternos 2- 1/2 pans or 1 single pan

  • $30.00 /day

    Deluxe chafing dish

    deluxe chafing dish comes with 2 sternos

  • $40.00 /day

    Bakers Rack

    This Bakers Rack is 69" High X 20.25" wide X 26" deep and can hold 20 - 18" x 26" Trays.

  • $4.50 /day

    Baking Tray 18" X 26"

    Baking Tray 18" x 26"

  • $10.50 /day



  • $350.00 /day

    Convection Oven

    Catering to hundreds for an outdoor wedding or event? Our propane 75,000 BTU Convection oven on heavy duty casters for easy maneuverability is every chefs dream. At 40" wide by 42" deep standing at 64" tall, with 5 chrome racks and 12 possible position levels, this oven will provide you with the ultimate outdoor baking experience. Give us a call and one of our sales representatives would be more than happy to assist you. OVEN DOORS ARE SOLID (NOT GLASS AS DEPICTED IN PHOTO), COOLING RACKS BELOW THE UNIT ARE ALSO NOT AVAILABLE

  • $30.45 /day

    Propane cooker without propane

    Propane cooker without propane

  • $57.00 /day

    Hot dog rollers

    hot dog roller holds 24 hot dogs

  • $48.50 /day

    Insulated Pan Carriers (Hot Boxs)

    Insulated to keep items/food either Hot or Cold. inside measurements 13in.x20in. and holds 3-4 food pans

  • $42.00 /day

    Electric meat slicer

    meat slicer

  • $16.80 /day

    6 gallon stock pot

    6 Gallon Stock Pot

  • $46.73 /day

    6 gallon stock pot and propane cooker

    stock pot with propane cooker propane extra

  • $105.00 /day

    Steam table, 4 pans

    large steam table 4 pans comes with transformer

  • $131.25 /day

    Warming oven

    warming oven fits 8 pans

  • $0.46 /day

    Lafayette dessert fork

    lafayette dessert fork