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All Party Items

We found 394 party rental items in this category
  • $6.04 /day

    Extra Large Stainless Steel Salad Bowl

    Serving lots of salad? Our extra large stainless steel salad bowl may be what you need. It also comes with serving tongs for your convenience

  • $1.16 /day

    Wicker bread basket

    wicker bread basket

  • $1.68 /day

    Butter warmer

    butter warmer for lobster

  • $3.15 /day

    Silver cake

    silver cake trowel

  • $1.32 /day

    Stainless steel gravy boats

    stainless steel gravy boat

  • $0.95 /day

    1 oz. ladle

    1 oz laddle (Ladle on the left)

  • $0.95 /day

    3 oz. ladle

    3 oz laddle (Ladle in the middle)

  • $0.90 /day

    6 oz. ladle

    6 oz. Laddle (ladle on the right)

  • $1.05 /day

    Lobster cracker

    lobster cracker

  • $1.10 /day

    15in. x 10in. melmac platter

    white 15in. platter melmac

  • $1.26 /day

    16in. x 11in. stainless steel platters

    stainless steel platter 16in.

  • $0.50 /day

    Ramekin Bowl 3.5"

    Planning on baking some creme brulee? Rent our 4.75 oz 3.5" round Ramekin bowls and let us clean up the mess.

  • $2.10 /day

    Salt & pepper set

    salt & pepper filled

  • $0.94 /day

    Snow drop cup & saucer

    cup and saucer set snow drop

  • $0.47 /day

    Snow drop cup

    Cup only snow drop

  • $0.47 /day

    10in. snowdrop dinner plates

    snow drop 10in. dinner plate

  • $0.47 /day

    6in. snowdrop bread & butter plates

    snow drop 6in. bread & butter plate

  • $0.47 /day

    7in. snowdrop salad plates

    snow drop 7in. salad plate

  • $0.47 /day

    Snowdrop soup plates

    snow drop soup plate

  • $0.47 /day

    Snowdrop saucers

    snow drop saucer (cup not included)