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Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 30 Clearspan Tent with transparent tops at the West Avenue Cider House

We have a tent for all sizes. Our clearspan tents come in 40' x 15' intervals or 30' x 15' intervals. We even have transparent tops to add an extra touch of magic to your event.
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Products featured in this Video

  • $7.88 /day

    Vinyard Rustic Chair

    Looking for that rustic wedding look? Our Vineyard Rustic Chair will help do the trick. Also available with an ivory chair pad (additional $0.40 per unit)RENTAL FOR CHAIR WITH A PAD $8.28 EA Must be delivered

  • $0.40 /day

    Vineyard Rustic PAD ONLY

    Pad for extra comfort for Vineyard Rustic Chairs. Chairs rent for $7.88 ea NOT INCLUDING PAD. CHAIR AND A CUSHION WOULD BE $8.28

  • $0.48 /day

    Maria dessert fork

    maria dessert fork

  • $0.48 /day

    Maria dinner fork

    maria dinner fork

  • $0.48 /day

    Maria dinner knifes

    maria dinner knife

  • $0.48 /day

    Maria tea spoons

    maria tea spoon

  • $0.50 /day

    7in. snowdrop salad plates

    snow drop 7in. salad plate

  • $120.00 /day

    Chandeliers (with tent, per unit)

    Chandelier. Perfect for weddings or any other event where an additional touch of elegance is required. Uses 15 watt bulbs

  • $13.00 /day

    90in. x 156in. white linens

    90in. X 156in. linen will go all the way to the ground on an 8ft. table. Available in white, ivory and black

  • $0.60 /day

    White napkins

    White napkin Approx. 16" x16" Available in White, Ivory, Black, Red, Maroon/Burgandy, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Chocolate/Brown, Navy Blue, Maize, Powder Grey, Lemon Yellow, Peach, Pink, Seafoam Green, Gold, Dusty Rose, Sandalwood, Wedgewood Blue, Violet, Burnt Orange, Raspberry, Turquoise, Teal, Rust, Purple, Aubergine.

  • $110.00 /day

    Passport fender 300 pro P.A.System with Bluetooth

    This 6-channel Fender Passport 300 PRO portable PA system WITH BLUETOOTH takes its predecessor, the Passport PD-250, to the next level with 300W of power (up from 250), a sub-out jack for an external powered subwoofer, lighter weight (a full 12 pounds less than the PD-250), smaller overall dimensions, and phantom power. The redesigned speaker system features 2 plastic molded cabinets with an 8in. woofer and 1.2in. horn-loaded tweeter in each for better definition, and and a sub-out jack has been added for an external powered subwoofer Amp type: Class D, Woofer (per cab): 8in.; Driver: (per cab): 1.2in. horn-loaded; Inputs: 4 Mic/Line inputs, 2 stereo inputs; Output: 300W Class-D power amp; Line Out: 1/8in. mini stereo out; subwoofer out. Speaker cables are 16ft. long Channels: 6 (4 mic/line, 2 stereo), 4 mic lines with XLR and 1/4in. inputs, 2 stereo channels with 1/4in. and 1/8in. (for MP3 player) inputs Phantom power on mic input channels, 3-color LED indicators above each channel input, 1/4in. subwoofer out with 120Hz High-Pass Filter on Speaker Out, Preamp out and power amp inserts, CD-quality WAV and MP3 file playback; Controls: High EQ, Low EQ, Master Volume, System Tone, Level Control for each channel, Reverb Send for each channel, 20dB pad on input channels; Effects: Reverb; Covering: Molded Plastic Accessory compartment to hold included speaker and power cables, and more.

  • $0.47 /day

    Water goblets

    water goblet glass

  • $0.49 /day

    8 oz. wine glasses

    Wine glass 8 oz (Glass on the left) In the group shot, from left to right the glasses are as follows: 14 oz., 10 oz., 8 oz., 6 oz.

  • $65.00 /day

    Harvest Table

    Looking for a rustic look? These harvest tables will do the trick. These 8ft. x 40in. x 30.5in. tables will comfortably seat 10 people.

  • $320.00 /day

    15 ft x 40 ft Majestic Clear Top Option

    Need a clearspan tent but would like to dance under the night sky? We have the perfect solution for you. Try our Majestic Clear tops for our 40ft. wide clearspan tents. This option does drastically increase the temperature inside of the tent as the clear plastic can act as a magnifying glass. To fight the heat, try our tent coolers. The rental cost of $320 per panel will be added ON TOP of the regular cost of our clearspan tents.

  • $1,344.00 /day

    40ft.x30ft.CLEARSPAN tents Installed Complete

    This tent is great for weddings, or any other event where shelter is required without the inconvenience of centre poles. The sidewalls run on a track and can be opened or closed at will. Lights available for an extra charge. Please call one of our locations for additional information.