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Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 60 Clearspan Tent at Ruthven park

Check out this wonderful tent set up we did on the banks of the Grand River
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Products featured in this Video

  • $120.00 /day

    Chandeliers (with tent, per unit)

    Chandelier. Perfect for weddings or any other event where an additional touch of elegance is required. Uses 15 watt bulbs

  • $2,688.00 /day

    40ft.x60ft.CLEARSPAN tents Installed Complete

    This tent is great for weddings, or any other event where shelter is required without the inconvenience of centre poles. The sidewalls run on a track and can be opened or closed at will. Lights available for an extra charge. Can hold approximately 400 people standing, 300 people standing and some sitting or 200 people in a banquet setting. This does not take into consideration extra space needed for dance floors, bars, buffet tables, etc. Try our custom tent designer at: www.completerentalls.ca/tentdesigner Please call one of our locations for additional information.