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Adam and Michaela's Wedding

Beautiful summer house wedding. 40 x 105 Clearspan tent with 3 Transparent Tops

Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 105 Clearspan Tent with tent draping at the Tamahaac Club in Hamilton

Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 30 Clearspan Tent with transparent tops at the West Avenue Cider House

Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 45 transparent and 40 x 60 Clearspan Tent

Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 45 and 40 x 90 Clearspan Tent in Fort Erie

Complete Rent-Alls 40 x 60 Clearspan Tent at Ruthven park

Complete Rent-Alls at the Burlington Ribfest


Complete Rent-Alls 60 x 120 pole tent at Lakeside A LA Carte, Burlinton

Complete Rent-Alls commercial with David MacKay for Source Cable